Team Check-In

Team Check In

All teams MUST check-in prior to competing in the tournament. At check-in, we will finalize your team's Event Roster and verify the all player/staff memberships (JVA, USAV, or AAU) are in good standing. We will also be verifying that each team has a copy of each player's medical release form on site with the coach and/or chaperone.


Coaches will also be able to pick up team credentials and staff wristbands along with the Coaches Packet at check-in.


Any last-minutes changes will be available at check-in - there is no tournament Coaches Meeting.

Friday Check-In Times

Friday, January 13 at 4:00-8:00 PM
Tournament Office, Tucson Convention Center Lobby

All teams must be checked in by 8:00 PM (either online or onsite) on Friday evening.

Please do not send a parent to the tournament office to check-in as they will be sent away.  The coach must be authorized to sign each Event Roster.  No exceptions.


In order to avoid paying the TCC Parking Lot Fees on Friday, we will have a special area for 15-minute parking area for Club Directors and Coaches to check-in only.  Please pull up to the Lobby Entrance to park and check-in; or let the Parking Attendant know that you are there for check-in

Check Requirements

A ROSTERED COACH of the club must check-in each team.  Any staff member may check-in other club teams provided they can provide the required forms:

  • Event Roster (all players and staff verified on AES); or

    • Copies of Membership for any player not verified on AES

    • Copies of Membership/Credential for any coach not on AES

  • JVA Coaches Event Sign-In Form

  • Verification of Medical Release Forms with team (we don't check - a coach just needs to sign off)

  • Team Hotel Form (required for all out-of-town teams)


Please do not send a parent to the tournament check-in as they will be sent away. The coach must be authorized to sign each Event Roster.

NEW 2022: Online Check In on AES

Teams can now check-in online in their AES Dashboard. 

  • Log in to your AES club account

  • Click My Events

  • Click My Teams to the left of the Cactus Classic Invitational

  • Click Check In next to the name of the team you are checking in

  • At the bottom of the page that pops up click to open, verify and save your roster

  • Once back to the check in page, type in your name and phone number in the indicated boxes

This is your time to make any necessary changes to your team's roster. Please try to review and edit your roster early. 

If there are errors that are occurring on your roster, please contact the Tournament Director at  JVA verification issues can be directed to


If you complete the online check-in, you can avoid the lines at Check-In and just pick up their teams' credentials and staff wristbands.  Your entire Event Roster (all players and staff) must be verified in AES to qualify for Online Check-in Check-in.

Tournament Schedule and Results

Once all teams are checked in, the compete tournament schedule is published online on Advanced Event Systems.

UPDATED 01/11/2022:  Please note that there may be travel issues and/or COVID protocols that may effect teams in Cactus Classic. 

If there are any changes or drops by the end of check-in, the tournament schedule will be adjusted. 

Please check AES on Friday evening.

Coach Credentials/Wristbands

All rostered coaches (up to 3 per team) will receive a wristband for entry into the player venue at check-in..

Please note that all coaches and/or adult staff MUST WEAR A WRISTBAND for entrance into the Playing Venues.  Security will be checking at both sites.  Wristbands must be worn on the wrist - not backpack or other. 


The Credentials will identify you as an approved coach to the officials and should be worn on the bench.