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JVA Event Rosters

Each team must have a complete roster uploaded in AES in order to participate in the Cactus Classic Invitational.  The tournament allows USAV, AAU, and JVA memberships for all athletes and coaches.  Please click here for help with AES registration and creating rosters in AES.



Every JVA member and all adults listed on rosters at JVA insured events, must complete the Background Screen and APS training unless they have a USAV background screen and Safe Sport certification.  ROSTERS CANNOT BE UPLOADED UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETED. 



1.    Go to this link and complete registration.

2.    You need to have a JVA or USAV background screen in order to be added to a roster.

3.    If USAV, on the affiliations page, select USAV, and type your USAV number in. You do NOT have to pay for anything and you do NOT have to take the APS training. Once you get to the APS training, just close the registration out and you are all set.

4.    If you do not have a USAV or JVA screen, then select None of the Above or AAU on the affiliations page. Then complete screen and APS training.  

You can also email the JVA at an Excel spreadsheet of your coaches with these columns:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • DOB

  • USAV Number

Once you complete this registration (or email the spreadsheet), the JVA imports this data into AES in order for your coaches to be rostered daily.


If you do not have a USAV membership, you must complete the JVA screen/safety training. It is $38 for a two year screen and can take up to two weeks to get back due to increased numbers.

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